Black & White Montessori Sensory Cards - nursery gift

Black & White Montessori Sensory Cards

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For the first 3 months of a baby's life they can only see black, white and grey this is why they stare so intently at 2 highly contrasted targets.

These cards are a perfect way to stimulate your baby's visual cortex. The cards should be placed 8"-10" away from the baby' s face. As your baby ages these cards will serve as geometric pattern cards stimulating the temporal lobe of the brain helping your child develop spatial awareness. These are the literal foundations of math. Your baby will be playing and learning a the same time.

These cards are 5"x 7" made of heavy card stock laminated so they will last and last. I've had many parents come back and tell me the babies use them well into toddler hood. These cards have endless potential for visual development, verbal description…and even matching activities later on. Other uses can include a homemade mobile or even framed nursery art, perfect for diaper changing area distraction.