About Us

Gift Genie Express was born in 2016 when I decided I wanted to start a business doing something I loved. Well, in my early 20's I found out how much I love finding that perfect gift for people in my life, even the people i once thought were too difficult to shop for. I found myself really wanting to be able to share that with others. We launched and began offering personal shopping services for those hard to shop for loved ones. We then started offering handmade gift boxes with high quality items that we all want. 

After a short time I decided to reach back into my professional roots and began offering high quality Montessori toys. You see prior to me becoming a stay at home mom I was a private pre-school teacher for 15 years. I absolutely loved my job and seeing my kids grow, develop, and see that wonder in their eyes when they learned a new skill. i drew upon my experiences and began developing unique children's toys that are not only one of a kind, gender neutral but cater to a wide range of ages and development. 

In 2018 we learned that my 2nd son who was 14 at the time, has high functioning Autism along with several undiagnosed learning disabilities, we realized that this were the root causes for his extreme distress in school. This would end up being the catalyst for the ultimate decision to stay home with my children. It was at this time I realized that I had unknowingly developed my children's products from the point of view of an experienced teacher but also a special needs parent. This is how i have been able to develop our hallmark one  of a kind Montessori gifts that work well with all children's learning differences. 

After you find the perfect gift for your loved ones here at Gift Genie Express, you would happily gift to anyone in your life. My hope is that you find as much joy as I do in giving and being able to see the excitement in others. Check out our catalog.  Follow on IG, Facebook. Join out mailing list below for extra surprises through the year. 

Best Wishes, Melissa C. Perez

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