Fine Motor Skills in Toddlers and Preschoolers.

When i was a preschool teacher I was often asked what are the best ways to help my child learn to write and color. My advice was always let them play with toys that use small finger movements to strengthen fingers and grip. Here is my list of top 5 best fine motor promoting activities. 

Loose Parts Lacing Toy: I chose this lacing activity because it is a natural wooden item that are chunky and easy to handle along with varying shapes to practice manipulating the the pieces in order to to get the soft satin ribbon from one side to the other. the largest spool also creates a problem solving challenge because the aglet is slightly shorter than the spool. 

3 Piece Animal Lacing Toy: Made with strong Beechnut wood, each animal comes with it's own lacing needle. The conveniently fit in a drawstring bag for safekeeping. 

Mystery Shape Bag: Natural wood sealed with vegan walrus oil is a perfect activity to practice fine motor balancing skills. I strategically chose a variety of shapes such as a half ball, full ball, small person. All of these require different levels of skill to master. 

Sensory Match Game: This one of a kind best seller is a great way to keep kids engaged and learning everything from vocabulary to organizational skills. These 1.5"x 1/8" wooden discs take patience to carefully flip these over to play this 10 pair match game. 

Sling shot with felt balls: This toy is age graded for 6+ but is perfect for those older kiddos that are too old for for other activities geared toward fine motor skills but still need a little help strengthening those finger. Kids love sling shots because its physically active, good for both indoors and outdoors, promotes eye- hand coordination, appropriate social interaction.


If you have any fun fine motor skill activities that your kids enjoy send them to us and be featured on our social media pages. 


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